“Dear Mike – Thank you for representing us in the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal for our lease extension claim from our landlord Freshwater.  We were staggered when they asked £39,164, for our small flat in south-east London, which had an unexpired lease of approximately 64 years. We knew Freshwater had a reputation for being difficult to deal with, but thank you so much for persuading the Tribunal to accept a far more realistic premium of £13,346.”
Steve Lennon & Anne Morgan – London

“Mike Stapleton handled my claim to buy the freehold of my leasehold house in Hertford. Having only 62 years unexpired was causing me significant problems in trying to sell the property.  With Mike’s assistance I was able to buy the freehold for £5,000 and I have since been able to sell the property with the benefit of the freehold for a much improved price”
Christine Brennan – Hertford, Herts.

“We required a lease extension to our flat in Rochester, Kent.  Mike Stapleton prepared the Section 42 Notice of Claim and arranged for service upon our landlord. He then swiftly dealt with the negotiation of the premium and agreed the landlord’s recoverable costs with a minimum of fuss.”
Patricia Harrison – Rochester, Kent

“My solicitor recommended Mike Stapleton to provide me with a lease extension valuation and negotiate a settlement.  I was highly impressed by the speed and efficiency in which the matter was brought to a conclusion, without any need to serve formal Notices or make an application to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.”
Mrs J. Paine – Wallington, Surrey

“My landlord is the Regis group. They have a reputation for being a hard-nosed business to deal with and they certainly lived up to that! I’m grateful to you Mike for providing me with clear concise valuation advice and for negotiating a settlement, just prior to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal hearing.
Jan Murray – Leigh on SeaEssex

I have recently acquired the freehold to my property – I owned the two leasehold flats and always wanted to be free from the landlord’s managing agents. Mike Stapleton represented me in the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal and successfully quashed the landlord’s argument that they should receive extra compensation for developing the roof space of my property and converting the front garden into parking.
Peter Hobbs – Southend-on-SeaEssex

To read the LVT determination click here
” It was only when we came to sell our flat that we became aware that our lease had only 70 years unexpired. We really didn’t want to go through the entire statutory process of serving formal Notice under the legislation so we are especially grateful to you Mike for approaching the landlord directly and agreeing reasonable terms for our lease extension. We were able to sell the property and move on with our young family in no time.”
James Roberts – Westcliff on SeaEssex

” I live in a three flat building and one of the flats was owned by my landlord. I was really unhappy in the way that the property was managed and was concerned that my lease was decreasing in value due to the number of years eroding away. After taking advice from Mike Stapleton I learnt that I was able to team up with the other leaseholder in the building and compel the landlord to sell the freehold. Mike provided me with the necessary initial valuation advice, dealt with the service of the statutory Notices and formed a Company on our behalf and made the process as painless as it possibly could have been, despite the reluctance of our resident landlord to sell. We are now proud owners of our freehold.
Nicky Spiliotopoulos – Muswell Hill, London

“We owned a leasehold house in Hackney where the freehold was owned by the Crown. We had attempted to purchase the freehold in the past but found that the figure quoted by the agents of Crown to be quite excessive. We were recommended to Mike Stapleton who had previous experience in settling similar cases with the Crown.  Initially the Crown would not budge from demanding £23,000, but after Mike negotiated with their agent Cluttons, the premium was eventually settled at a far more realistic £15,000.  Thank you Mike.”
Nick & Elaine Harrison – Hackney, London

I bought a flat on the Regent’s Park Estate with a short lease.  I found out after purchase that the freeholder (the Crown Estate) are not necessarily the easiest of people to deal with. Their agent Cluttons demanded £20,200 for a lease extension.  It was only after being referred to Mike Stapleton to deal with the claim on my behalf that I was able to obtain the lease extension for a premium of £14,000. Mike provided expert valuation advice and handled the negotiations with speed and efficiency.
Mary Louise Gray – London

I owned a ground floor flat in a converted house arranged as two self-contained flats. The landlord retained the flat downstairs. It’s fair to say we did not have a good relationship.  Nonetheless I approached the landlord to extend my lease given there were approximately 67 years unexpired.  The landlord requested £20,000. Having instructed Mike Stapleton on the matter I agreed to serve a statutory Notice of Claim on the landlord, which Mike prepared on my behalf.  My initial Notice proposed a premium of £6,400.  After failing to serve a Counter-Notice in response, within the requisite time limits, the landlord was compelled to let me have the lease extension for £6,400. Thank you Mike for your assistance.
Philip Burnham – Westcliff on Sea, Essex

Most leaseholders feel they have landlords from hell, but ours truly was! I am a London solicitor used to dealing with confrontational situations, but I must say that I was very impressed with the professionalism of Mike Stapleton in advising on not just the valuation issues, but his depth of knowledge on the legal aspects of leasehold reform claims and LVT procedure is certainly very impressive. We are grateful to you Mike for helping us acquire our freehold.
Jassette Sue-Patt – London

My solicitor recommended me to Mike Stapleton, to advise on the value of our freehold in Herne Hill, South London and to subsequently negotiate the premium.  All was agreed with a minimum of fuss.  There was no need for any Notices to be served and Mike negotiated a premium inclusive of the landlord’s costs.
Clare Lucas – London

I am a property investor, owning two leasehold flats in a wing of part of a development of self-contained flats in Sutton. I was interested in acquiring the freehold to the element of the building containing my flats, which consisted of four flats in total. I had previously been told that it was impossible to acquire part of the building. Thankfully I was introduced to Mike Stapleton, who advised to the contrary. Mike prepared the necessary Section 13 Notice of Claim and arranged for service upon the landlord. The landlord employed a tricky solicitor who attempted to derail my application for the freehold, but thanks to Mike’s help, the matter has now completed.
Rick Brower – Sutton, Surrey

I am a retired chartered accountant and purchased a buy to let flat in Horsham to supplement my pension. Rather unfortunately I found my landlord’s agents charged excessively for their services (or lack of them).  This coupled with the fact that my lease was nearing 80 years unexpired encouraged me to find a leasehold reform expert to handle a claim to acquire the freehold with my ground floor neighbour. I instructed Mike Stapleton because I know he has dealt with a number of claims against the Regis group. As expected an application was needed to be made to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.  Mike Stapleton handled the entire matter for me.  I did not need to go to anyone else.  The matter was finally concluded days before the tribunal to my entire satisfaction.
Rob Bonnett – London